Post Offices opening times in Liverpool

In the Liverpool of 124 Offices, 3 companies. The biggest: Post Office (108 offices), Royal Mail Delivery Office (15 offices) and DHL (1 office).

Global heating to inflict more droughts on Africa as well as floods [16 06 2019 08:00:00]

New UK research predicts extremes of weather will hit food productionGlobal heating could bring many more bouts of severe drought as well as increased flooding to Africa than previously forecast, scientists have warned.New research says the continent will experience many extreme outbreaks of intense rainfall over the next 80 years. These could trigger devastating floods, storms and disruption of farming. In addition, these events are likely to be interspersed with more crippling droughts during the growing season and these could also damage crop and food production. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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